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Victoria Levy

Victoria Levy

Victoria is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, live performer, voice-over artist, vocal producer and vocal contractor for film, television, theater, animation, recording artists, video games, new media, theme parks and national brands.

She is also a producer and featured performer with the live international theatrical production Vox Lumiere – Silents you can hear, the soul-pumping concert, dance, and theatrical live performance that combines the power of an epic rock concert with the beauty of classic silent films.

Film (selected highlights) – Hear Now
Tomorrowland (Walt Disney Pictures), Real Steel (Dreamworks), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (20th Century Fox),  John Carter (Disney), Expecting Mary (Lionsgate), Rock The Boat (HBO Pictures – Academy Award® Nominee), A Thousand Cuts (Kino Lorber), Mr. Fix-It (First Look International), American Blend (White Stripes), Soulkeeper (SyFi), The Power Within (PM Entertainment), Empire Records (New Line Cinema), Interruptions (Surrender Cinema), Skyscraper (PM Entertainment), Vox Lumiere – The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (E1 Entertainment)

Television (selected highlights) – Hear Now
The Scream Heard ‘Round The World (Bravo / Trio), A Dance For Bethany (Raise The Bar Productions), Posie Paints (Mississippi Educational TV), Mia’s Music (Mississippi Educational TV), Nick Freno:Licensed Teacher (Warner Brothers Television), Spunk of the Lord (Web Series), Sparkle (Kids Series), Vox Lumiere – The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (E1 Entertainment)

Advertising (selected highlights) – Hear Now
IBM, Kodak, Motorola, Mattel, Furryville, Blue Cross, Fisher Price, Corona, Coca-Cola,  Microsoft, Radio Disney Pop Dreamers, Tropicana, Power Rangers, Consumer’s Distributing, Weinerschneitzel, Roundup, Doggie Day Care, Kellogg’s, Nestle’s, Micropets, Rubbermaid, Tim Horton’s, Pokemon, Nintendo, US Air Force, Hoover, Arby’s, Playdoh, Suave

Album Releases (selected highlights) – Hear Now
Diana Ross, Spectacular!, Barbie – Beyond Pink (Featured Singing Voice of Barbie), Meredith Brooks, Michel Polnareff , Roch Voisine, John Prine (Grammy Nominated), Rita Coolidge, Sass Jordan (Juno Award Winner), The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Vox Lumiere), Metropolis (Vox Lumiere), The Phantom of the Opera (Vox Lumiere), Peter Pan (Vox Lumiere), A Christmas Carol (Vox Lumiere), The Essential Vox Lumiere, Definiens Project

Theater (selected highlights) – Hear Now
Boxing Helena, The Toxic Avenger, Full Moon-A Hair-Raising Musical, Syringe: The Musical – What could possible go wrong?, The Time-Travelers Guide to Dating, Shreek – A Killer Musical, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Vox Lumiere), Metropolis (Vox Lumiere), The Phantom of the Opera (Vox Lumiere), Peter Pan (Vox Lumiere), A Christmas Carol (Vox Lumiere)

Voice-over (selected highlights) – Hear Now
The Scream Heard ‘Round The World (Bravo / Trio), Furryville, Fisher Price, Power Rangers, Mattel, Consumer’s Distributing, Nestle’s, Micropets, Hoover

Composers / Songwriters / Producers (selected highlights)
Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, Matthew Gerrard, Stephen Bray, Ralph Schuckett, Ellen Shipley, Eric Kaz, Chuck Plotkin, David Ricketts, Geza X, Marco Marinangeli, Christopher Ward, Diana Ross, Kevin Saunders Hayes, David Mann, Chris Horvath, Daniel Licht, Brian Banks

Music Video / Film Performance (selected highlights) – Hear Now
Meredith Brooks – Bitch (Capitol Records), The Power Within (PM Entertainment), David Gibson – Lock Up My Heart (A&M Records), Candi – Under A Latin Moon (I.R.S. Records), Candi – Under Your Spell (I.R.S. Records), Joshua Then & Now (Fox Home Entertainment), Vox Lumiere – The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (E1 Entertainment)

Live Performance (selected highlights) – Hear Now
Vox Lumiere, David Foster, Jane Siberry, Meredith Brooks (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Michel Polnareff, Parachute Club, Lorraine Segato,  Full Moon, The Pinups (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Sweet Thunder, Michael Sherwood, Circe Link

Vox Lumiere  –  Silents you can hear® – Hear Now
Featured performer and producer with Vox Lumiere – Silents you can hear. Vox Lumiere brings silent film classics to three-dimensional, high-decibel life, offering a fresh take on timeless tales. Our innovative productions blend old movies, new songs and powerful live performances into a showstopping spectacle that will have you on the edge of your seat. Singers, dancers and musicians play off each other, the audience and the onscreen story in a magical exchange. It’s a riveting new kind of storytelling that will inspire you and haunt your dreams long after the curtain falls and the credits roll. For more information, please visit the Vox Lumiere Website.